Even though the unemployment rate appears to be decreasing, the economy is still in recovery mode. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, this is especially troubling if you need capital to keep your business afloat. Big banks are not lending money to small businesses and entrepreneurs like they used to and many of us don’t have personal relationships with our local community banks or credit unions. What do you do when you need to raise capital for your business but can’t go through the traditional channels such as banks and credit unions? read more


With national and local gas prices slowly creeping back up to the $4 mark, we have to start taking the necessary steps to stretch our gas dollars in our small businesses. To help slow down the passing of the cost of gas to our customers, here are three simple ways to stretch our gas dollars in our small businesses:

  1. Teleseminars – With all the latest and greatest technology


Top 3 iPhone Apps For Small Businesses That Can Save You Money

by Lisa Sims October 21, 2010

With over 100,000 iPhone apps available and downloaded via Apple’s iTunes, how do you know which ones are right for your small business? Well, I’m going to save you both time and a little money by sharing with you my top 3 free iPhone apps that can improve your business while stretch your dollar: read more | 2 Comments

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3 Simple Ways To Practice Eat, Pray, Love In Your Business

by Lisa Sims August 13, 2010

With the debut of the movie Eat, Pray, Love based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s popular book, it has made me and others think about getting in touch with ourselves and taking time for the things that really matter in life. This applies not only for our personal lives but also for our professional lives. Although we are in the midst of a recession and money is tight, there are still some… read more | 1 Comment

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3 Free And Easy Ways To Become An Expert

by Lisa Sims August 11, 2010

Do you have expertise on a particular topic but no one knows it? Would you like to become an expert? On my Stretching A Dollar For Entrepreneurs Show, I had an interesting discussion about becoming an expert in your particular industry. It is not as hard as many of us may think. Here are three free and easy ways to become an… read more | 1 Comment

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