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Stretching A Dollar To Save and Make Thousands: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Doing More With Less debuted in 2009. After running my own Internet marketing small business for five years, I learned from the school of hard knocks how to do more with less in my business. I started my business with less than $500 in 2004 and made $30,000 in four months! I didn’t even have an office! I believe in entrepreneurship and want to help others realize their dream of being in business for themselves, have more control over your financial future, and gain a more flexible schedule.

How did the book come to fruition?

One Sunday night in August 2007 while watching T.D. Jakes talk about his book Reposition Yourself, I decided that I needed to reposition myself and began to compose a list of topics that I could possibly write a book on. Once the list was compiled, the one topic that jumped off of the page was my knowledge of how to save money while running my business.  As a result, the journey of writing my book began at my kitchen table.

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